Dust to *dust (performance)

performance and installation during our solo exhibition Dust to *dust at Arti & Amicitiae, October 2018
64 archive box replicas, raw clay
3 part performance, duration each part 15 min

Dust to *dust is the final chapter of a long-term project The Sky is on the Earth, a series of interventions with the inherited archive of Jacques Bourlanges (Marie Ilse’s grandfather), author of an intriguing esoteric theory of a correlation between star constellations and French geography. After working with this rich material for four years, we completed the project with a last gesture of « letting go » of the archive.

video by Mathilde Renault
photo credits : Jessie Yingying Gong

Dust to *dust (3) from Khurtova.Bourlanges on Vimeo.